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Why Wilderness Therapy Works For Troubled Teens

In their efforts to find and explain the rationale behind the success of wilderness adventure therapy for at-risk youth, many researchers and experts have noted that the program features the development of intense interpersonal relationships, the chance to overcome the significant physical and emotional challenges, and the push for a greater understanding of themselves and one’s place in the world.

Working together in a setting free of the myriad distractions of today’s stimulation-intensive world allows sufficient growth occurred in a relatively short period.

And for wilderness therapist works so close and so intense with teenagers, they are able to make significant achievements together.

The supervisors of the wilderness therapy program work from the approach based on the strength so that students become aware of their limitations rather than having their failure to encourage them by the authorities.

In this way, students speak for themselves, which require much facilitated by instructors who invested. The result can be both dramatic and long-lasting.

Many alumni of the program were interviewed and they said that it was a "full spiritual journey" they underwent in the desert and it was a life-changing event for them.

"If I go somewhere else I do not think it will work," said an alumnus. "I have never experienced anything like that in my entire life."