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Tips To Start A Bakery Business

Nothing smells (or tastes!) quite as yummy as a freshly baked loaf of bread right from the oven. So it is hardly surprising that bakery businesses flourish no matter what the economic conditions are- bad times or good, people still need their daily bread.

But running successful commercial bakeries require more than simply good bread-making skills. Here are some useful tips to start a bakery business of your own:


You want to have suitable bakery qualifications. Even though you might be a whizz at developing a stunning sourdough in your house bread maker, those abilities will not get you far in a commercial bakery.

SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats:

Whether you’re going to start a bakery business from scratch, buy an existing business or buy a franchise, you will have to do a SWOT Analysis. You might need to explore the legal aspects with a solicitor, in addition, to consult an accountant who can help you formulate strategic plans and forward projections to evaluate estimated current and future expenses and profits.


Running a thriving bakery company requires a steady flow of regular customers. Start looking for newly established or recently developed suburbs, higher traffic places, and little competition.

Cash flow:

Set up costs for a bakery could be considerable, especially if you're starting from scratch, which means you want to factor leasing prices for equipment, store rental, staff salary and food preparation costs into your budget.