Pool Pumps

Pool PumpsNew pool pump products: Most suppliers are responding to consumers requests for more energy efficient pool pumps. There are now a wide range of both variable speed and variable flow pumps available. These will save considerable amounts of power over the life of the pump. For example go to Davey PowerMaster Eco or Pentair Intelliflo.

The secret to reducing your energy bill is to pass water through the filtration system at a lower speed. Lower speed means less resistance and less wasted electricity. Reducing the speed of a pool pump by half will actually reduce power consumption to one eighth. Variable speed pumps are perfect in that they can run at the most economical speed most of the time and then have the power available to switch to when required for other purposes such as pool cleaners, waterfalls etc.

Running on lower speeds means less vibration and less heat, two large contributors to early pool pump failures.

Energy efficient pumps such as the Pentair Intelliflo use more advanced electric motors, permanent rare earth magnet brushless DC motors, very similar to those used in hybrid cars.

For pressure pool cleaner BOOSTER pumps, please look under Pool Cleaners