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Importance Of Web 2.0 In SEO

Web 2.0 is a term widely used to describe the changes in web design and technology of the World Wide Web. The goal of Web 2.0 is to assist in information sharing creative and joined with the user. Furthermore, WEB 2.0 has enabled developing countries to web-based communities and hosted services.

Due to its advantages, a New York SEO consultant makes use of this technique to get its client the desired traffic.

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If you are using internet from a long time, then you will remember that with Web 1.0, there are several networking sites. But with the advent of Web 2.0 things have changed. There are more social networking sites, wikis, blogs, etc.

Folksonomy is a method of working together to create and manage tags to describe and sort content. It simply explains the importance of web 2.0 tagging. You will not believe but there are many social bookmarking sites that allow users to contribute links based on tags, which can be searched by anyone.

On the social networking site, you can collect or you can choose and maintain links to favorite articles, blogs, reviews, tutorials, etc. If you want to save links for future use, then you can do it. In addition, the data is accessible from any computer around the world.

Furthermore, if your company into the business of e-commerce and you really want to know how people feel about the quality of the site, the bookmarks created on these social networks play an important role. At the time, social networking sites also help search engines in getting introduced to the site.