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How Poly Bags Will Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet;?" – Shakespeare Whatever you might call them, poly bags are here to stay; and for good reasons. These lightweight, waterproof, economical bespoke poly packaging options now a modern way to display, ship, and protect your product.

Depending on the purpose and use, there are plenty of names available (eg plastic bags, plastic shipping envelopes, poly mailers, poly pack, plastic mailers, poly envelopes, heavy-duty poly bags), the list goes on and on. Call them what you want but more companies recognize the value of upgrading their operations to include this brand-centric, economically sound, environmentally friendly polybag choice.

The companies have made the switch for a variety of reasons, with each having their own motivations and goals in mind. But there are a few reasons they all share when making changes and improving their operation.

Reason # 1: 

  • You can put your brand everywhere. So you should!

A first of the many reasons is that poly bags can be fully customized and used as a platform to market your brand (s). The packaging of your product is displayed and arrive in is yet one more way to get your name out, and your brand recognized. This is a great opportunity to differentiate your brand because many companies still use plain poly bags or large boxes which do not give the value of the brand. The packaging is the last thing a customer will see after making a purchase, that should make a statement.

Reason # 2:

  • What do you mean we can get better packaging for less money?

What you and your competitors have in common? Well yes, you may have a similar product. You may also check out any way to save money and keep overhead to a minimum. A successful business is always looking to reduce costs, streamline processes, and increase efficiency. An often overlooked opportunity is in custom packaging.

Would you be surprised to know that the poly bags do not register on a freight scale? Since the poly bags are customized to your products the packaging fits much better compared to a standard size box. You may also eliminate the cost of filler or foam to fill the open space in a box.

Polybags also cost substantially less to make than corrugated boxes. Not only in terms of production and delivery to your warehouse, but in man-hours to use (no box building required). For comparison, a corrugated box has approximately 17 motions to build and seals, the poly mailer has 3. In addition, you do not even need to pack or back label because you can write directly on the bag if desired.