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Goat Proof Chicken Feeder

No one wants to wake up one morning to find that the fox had attacked your backyard chickens. Thus, it is important to make sure your chicken coop is fox proof. It is truly devastating to find your pet chickens after the fox had come through.

You'd be surprised how many people do not even consider the fox cities when making their chicken coop. There are many reports of foxes in urban areas, so do not assume that the fox is only for rural areas.

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As a manufacturer of the mobile chicken coop, we've had many customers tell us about the fox brazen in their area. Some come as close as their back porch in the morning, and that in the metropolitan area! Do not wait until you see the fox in your area, or heard of a fox attack before you keep your chickens.

Keeping foxes out of a mobile chicken coop

How to best fox proof your chicken coop, largely depends on the style of coop that you have. If you have a mobile chicken coop that has a run attached to a housing section, it's important to make sure that foxes can't tunnel underneath the outer edges of your coop. Even if you've got hard soil, don't think that a determined fox won't try to gain access.

The easiest way to fox proof a mobile coop is to attach a large mesh floor to the bottom of the coop. If it's attached to the base itself, it will be able to be moved along with your coop when you move your chickens to a fresh area of your backyard.

It's important to make sure the mesh you use is still large enough that your chickens have room to scratch, but small enough to keep foxes out. We've found that mesh with 10cm x 15cm rectangles is ideal.