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Facebook Chatbot An Easy Way to Market a Product Or Service

The development of Messenger Bot is not an easy task. However, it's not a difficult one either, since there are several basic steps that you need to take in order to get a chatbot designed by Facebook for your site.

Facebook owns the biggest social networking site on the planet, and many people get all excited about its users. Nowadays, more companies outsource their customer relationship management (CRM) needs to Facebook. A great number of businesses and organizations have upgraded their CRM offerings to include their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. What makes Facebook so appealing to businesses is the following reasons:

* Conversions: Facebook offers many different types of chats with consumers, which range from groups to video chats. However, most of them all come down to chatting, which converts very well. So, when a user chats with his or her friends on Facebook, chances are that he or she would like to chat with the product or service being offered on the website.

* Popularity: When a Facebook user sees someone else talking to a product or service he or she wants to try, chances are he or she will as well. In fact, Facebook has the highest conversion rate of any advertising medium across all networks. It's the only network that reaches millions of people.

* Connecting to other Facebook Platforms: As mentioned earlier, it's very easy to connect to other platforms. This is possible because there are several components included on the platform. For example, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are two separate platforms with different purpose. But, once they're connected, users can instantly chat with their friends or engage in video chats with the people in their contact list.

* Platform and Google AdSense: One of the biggest advantages of Facebook is the fact that you don't need any other application to be able to monetize your content. For example, if you want to make money with Facebook ads, you can submit your pages to Google AdSense. This is a very simple process because you simply register your domains and upload your pages on Google. You can also use Pay Per Click and AdBrite to do the same.

* Using Facebook Apps: In addition to having a chatroom feature, Facebook offers various apps, which allow you to interact with your subscribers. These apps are free, and you can integrate them to your Facebook conversations. Most of the time, these apps are linked to the chat function.

* Business integration: With Facebook, you can develop your own applications in order to help your business out. For example, you can develop an auto responder in order to help your customers. Now, if you manage your Facebook accounts well, you can keep track of all your clients in order to serve them accordingly.

* A New Facebook Chat Bot: Apart from the traditional conversations and marketing-related features, Facebook has brought out a new chat bot. The bot is called Mijigo. This bot works very well and has many more features than the traditional chatbots.

* Ask Me Anything: A Mijigo bot can be given an "ask me anything" type of interface, where anyone can ask any question. One of the most popular questions is about the bot itself. So, this is great for users, as it allows them to express their opinions. On the other hand, the bots can easily answer any question too.

* Global Domains: Facebook now allows a developer to have global domains for each of its chatbots. This makes the development process a lot easier. In addition, the developer is given more control over their websites.

Building a Facebook Chatbot is quite a daunting task. However, the rewards are definitely worth it.