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Everything you should know before Applying Bottom Painting

If you want to launch your boat in fresh or salt water and want to keep it protected against any dirt and algae to stick on the surface of it. Bottom Paint will serve your purpose. It is also known as Antifouling Paint. It is the coating that will prevent weeds, barnacles, and lot of other aquatic organisms from latching onto the hull of your boat.

Bottom Yacht Painting
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There is lit of debate on which type of bottom paint is the best. Most of the paint includes biocides mainly copper that not only damage your boat but also the environment. Hence most of the companies use marine bottom paint i.e eco-friendly and don’t damage the aquatic organisms.

In this article, we will discuss what are the things you must know about Bottom Paint so that you can keep your yacht antifouled every time.

First going to the tips you should know what is Antifouling paint and what types of paint you should use in order to keep your yacht in good condition.

What is Anti fouling Yacht painting
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What is Antifouling?

Antifouling paint is the layer of painting i.e. applied to the area on or below the waterline. It helps to stop the aquatic organisms from growing on your boat. It eliminates the need for yacht refurbishment. Originally paint was made from the tin but it would create a bad impact on the environment and hence companies start manufacturing copper-based paints. There are specially designed low content copper i.e. known as eco-friendly paints available in the market.

Who needs AntiFouling Paints?

If you want to keep your boat in the water for the majority of years then you need to apply bottom pains in order to avoid fouling growth. But if you are the one who put your boat on land for most of the time then you don’t need to put bottom paint.

Choosing Anti fouling Yacht
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Choosing the Right Brand Of AntiFouling Paint

In order to select the best anti-fouling paint, you could consult to the local boat manager or other longtime boat owners. They can tell you what type of paint you should be using that could serve your purpose. Be aware of that different weather and temperature can affect the paint quality. Hence it should be recommended to choose a yacht painting company who can paint your yacht successfully.

If your paint is already painted, you need to check whether new paint is compatible with the existing ones. Compare paint manufacture guidelines thoroughly. This will surely help you out. Check out hereto know what are the various ways you can paint your boat effectively.