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Choosing the Right Pair of Jeans For Men

No surprise then that the jeans buyer is presented with an enormous and dizzying array of choice when looking out for a pair. So what to buy?

While the matter of personal taste is subjective there are a few key things to think about when you're buying jeans. 

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Where will you be wearing them?

If you're planning to buy some jeans for general knocking-around-the-house duties then you should probably factor in price as a critical factor.

Day to day jobs that involve kneeling or coming into contact with mud or water (perhaps gardening) is going to damage your jeans pretty quickly, so it would be daftness itself to spend a fortune. Most supermarket chains carry budget lines, and even high street stores now carry 'own brand' jeans that can be picked up pretty cheap.

If you're buying jeans for something that requires a bit more style or formality then you should pay more attention to the general style of the jeans.

Typically, baggy or loose-fitting jeans will look a lot less smart than more fitted styles. Overly long jeans are also likely to drag on the ground, leading to fraying and discoloration so pay attention to length.

In general too, darker jeans have a more uniform color than lighter ones which definitely give them a head start in the smartness stakes.