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Cebu and its top tourist attractions

Cebu is located in the Philippines. People use to visit there for their holidays. It's a holiday place where one can enjoy their weekend. One can go there with their family and peers to spend a good time. Usually, this place is known for diving. Cuba is also one of the destinations for ocean lovers. Many people use to visit there for diving. Strangely people use to swim there with the sharks. It's this sound like the loathing. Can you imagine swimming with the whale shark with fear and excitement? Yes, it's scary. Yet people use to go there which also counts in the bucket list of ocean lovers. 

Sharks admire beaches. They can also manage to get food near the coast. People use to throw waste food in the ocean. The sharks use to have that too. In the morning one can see a lot of sharks near to the coast. Sharks used to swim to the coast and swim back to the ocean. The feeding occurs majorly in the morning. After that sharks find their food in the ocean.People are also afraid of the sharks yet they choose to visit there. So, the government organization uses to take care of the people. They provide security to the personages who use to go there for diving or swimming. It is said that whale sharks are safe for humans. They get scared if a human touch them. They are likely to be pleasant. Sharks allow humans to swim around them. Still one should never break the rules. Else one should welcome the cautions. 

It is easy to swim with sharks in the cube. Many private agencies are also there. They help in getting an adventures memory for the lifetime. You can go to the point and ask for the tickets. Later change your uniform and get ready to dive into the ocean full of sharks. The agencies people help you there. You can also hire a person as a guide. You will be charged for that but it is going to be very beneficial. 

It is necessary to take care of yourself. Many people are there who will try to manipulate or robe you. So be careful with the tickets and other materials. The charge of tickets is fixed there no chance of negotiation. You can go to the ocean by boat and later it's your decision you can swim, dive or just sit on the boat and look around. The sunset seems to be very beautiful in the ocean. One can just sit around and dive into the beauty of nature.