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Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe For Human

Many people eat genetically modified foods without consciously realizing it. But the question is whether genetically modified foods are safe for human consumption? Many of the processed foods that we buy from the market have changed the genetic material.

The most common genetically modified foods derived from plants – soybeans, corn, canola, and cottonseed oil. Even tomatoes and potatoes are genetically modified.

These GMO foods contain many dangerous chemicals that will cause many health issues. There are some lawyers who are working to help people who are suffering from illness due to these GMO foods. They help them to get some financial compensation.

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What does that mean genetically modified food? Is it safe for us to consume? Biotech or also referred to as genetically modified foods refers to food that had their DNA changed through genetic engineering. Here are some of the disadvantages of genetically modified foods:

The disadvantages are:

  • Damage to health caused by food that is not fair
  • Contamination of food and water supplies because of the use of chemicals on crops
  • The creation of herbicide-resistant weeds
  • Loss of biodiversity in plants
  • Disturbance of ecological balance
  • The advantage on the other side a few:
  • Resistance to pests and diseases
  • The increasing availability of food

We can see that the health and environmental damage caused by genetically engineered food far exceeds their benefit. Genetically engineered products carry more risks than traditional foods. So what a better alternative?

Organic food is a much better choice and healthy. A raw vegetarian diet rich in fruits, nuts, and vegetables is one of the safest and best ways to keep your immune system strong and prevent disease.