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Bunions – A Boney Toe Problem

Hallux valgus or hallux valgus that this condition is commonly known in the medical community is a source of foot pain and deformity. One of the most frequent causes of difficulties in the forefoot, appear as bunions bump on the base joint (metatarsophalangeal joint) of the big toe and are often swollen and painful.

The big toe can drift on to the remaining toes as hallux grows, placing particular pressure on the second toe. A callus develops most often in women and thought to be mainly due to wearing ill-fitting shoes. There are many treatment options available for bunions. For more information search for the treatment of bunion in Towson via

Although bunions can be hereditary, usually are related to hallux valgus to wear shoes that are too tight, too narrow, and too high resulting in pressure on the natural anatomy of the forefoot. The joint at the base of the bending of the toes at each step and continuous pressure on this zone causes the joint to further enlarge causing growing pressure, pain, swelling, and redness. The best treatment for a bunion is prevention in Towson.

If this is impossible, the next best treatment for a bunion is wearing shoes that have a wide toe box allowing enough room for the toes to move and to avoid being pressed by overlapping. Bunion pads, shields, hallux night hallux bandages, and even orthotics can provide temporary pain relief, but it makes the decision to wear well-fitting shoes the best treatment decision of all in Towson.