Why Staying in a Hostel makes Perfect Sense?


Many travelers especially backpackers are now turning their attention to staying in hostel when it comes to accommodation. Hostels are now becoming more popular because of the amenities and facilities offered to travelers over a hotel. Party nights, movie nights, bars, pubs etc, are just a few to mention about its advantages. These are some of the reasons that makes staying in hostel worth every penny.

  1. Save Money – Staying in a hostel is way cheaper than a hotel. Just because being cheap doesn’t mean that the experience is going to be bad. In fact, the money you save will allow you to spend in shopping or experience a thrilling activity.
  2. Make Friends –If you love meeting new people, then you will be glad that hostels are one of the best places to meet them. There are common rooms in hostels where travelers come together and have a great time talking to one another.
  3. Activities – When it comes to activities, travelers get to enjoy BBQ dinner, party nights, watch a movie etc. This is what makes hostels way better than hotels.
  4. Rooms – There are plenty of room options to choose from when it comes to staying in hostel. For instance; if you’re traveling in a group, then you can always choose a room consisting of multiple beds. Or simply get a private room for just 2 people.
  5. Atmosphere – Hostels too offer great service to travelers consisting of staff capable of speaking more than 3 languages, breakfast to eat etc.

These are some of the reasons that will make your experience in Canggu’s hostels of Bali a truly memorable one.