Veterinary Advice For Your Pet

Just like human beings, dogs can also gain weight that can put their health in danger. Painful joint and ligament diseases such as arthritis is a major concern however, dogs can also be in danger of many other illnesses that include diabetes and heart problems. If you feel your pet may be overweight you can do simple home tests. For the first test, very soft place your hand on dog’s ribs. Press down lightly.

If you feel that a hint of ribs your dog is normal weight then the ribs are well defined and your dog is underweight. If you can not feel the ribs at all or have to press down tightly to feel the ribs, most possible your dog is overweight. If you want to get more knowledge about dog’s health-related problems then you can also consult with Long Island veterinary specialists.

Another simple home test is to see the dog’s backbone. If dog’s backbone is lower than tissue surrounds it then your dog may be overweight. Dogs in northern climates usually experience seasonal weight gain, but this is normally not

You have to monitor your dog’s everyday diet. This should include all things that your dog is eating dog treats, dog food, chewy-treats like rawhides, people food, and bones. Some human food is good for dogs provided you use them in moderation and you need to avoid high fats or proteins and sugar. You can also check out this website to get the pet care services at best price.

If you are concerned about your pet’s weight, cannot simply identify what might be causing a weight gain, or if you need some help coming up with a good diet, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. And make a daily list of what your pet has eaten for the past weeks. When your vet makes a weight loss food plan for your dog then you need to stick to them.