Techniques Widely Used In Hydroponic Farming

Where greenhouse automation systems use less quantity of space and water. Additionally it is called soilless farming.

You know, that soil-based farming is rather difficult and it requires a lot of machinery, soil, water, pesticides and quite a few other things.

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Some of the techniques used in the hydroponic irrigation systems:

Wick system

It is very easy to use as it involves no moving parts, no usage of water or air pumps. Here are wicks that are used to add nutrients and water to the plant zone.

This kind of system is used for smaller crops that require less quantity of water. You need to place wick carefully otherwise it can ruin your plants. Additionally, it’s not useful for large plants.

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Deep water culture system

It is s also known as DWC. It’s made up of Styrofoam and can float directly on the solution of nutrients.

It’s ideal for the fast-growing water plant, leaf lettuce which comprises a continuous supply of water, oxygen, and nutrients. It’s not expensive and you can use easily at home because it requires less maintenance and care.

Nutrient film technique system

They require a constant flow of nutrient solutions; this solution is pumped into a tray. When this solution reaches the end, it comes back to the reservoir and recycled again and again.

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Aeroponic system

Within this high-tech setup, roots of this plant are hanged from the atmosphere, due to use of excess oxygen and mist over the nutrient solution. Additionally, it employs a time management system that runs the pump automatically at regular intervals.

In case, you want to grow plants or plants in almost any climate condition or you don’t have any land for farming subsequently hydroponic systems are the ideal option for you. Read this post to find out more about hydroponic farming.