A Guide for Finding Right Shape of Sunglasses

Whenever people go for shopping sunglasses, they often get confused between hundreds of different shapes and designs. You try out everything to get the perfect one for you. Even after buying one, you’re unsure of whether you’ve discovered the best one or not.

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Today, we’ll consider the various shapes of┬ásunglasses in agreement with the different shapes of faces. Instead of using the hit and trial method for finding a perfect pair of sunglasses, you can follow these useful tips:

  1. For those who have a square face, such your jaw is pretty much of the exact same width as of your forehead then search for sunglasses that have round frames. You can check the most recent round frame sunglasses layouts here at www.riglook.com.
  2. For round faces, start looking for the sunglasses which are rectangular in shape. The main reason for this is because the broadest aspect of your face is lips and rectangular sunglasses will provide the illusion of your face becoming more angular than it is.
  3. For the face that is oval-shaped, round or square frames will work. Try to stick to the frames that have 1:1 width to length ratio.
  4. In case you’ve got a triangular or heart-shaped face, you will need to buy the sunglasses which are wider on the top than they’re on the bottom.

These tips are based on the principle that the form of your sunglasses should be contrary to the contour of your face. Whether you’re buying elegant wooden sunglasses or metallic sunglasses, keep these suggestions in mind and find the ideal pair for yourself.

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Sunglasses improve your looks to a great extent if you discover the right one. You can also check this useful reference to find out more about how to find right sunglasses.