What Local SEO Is and How To Use It Successfully In Your Search Strategy

Local SEO. Do you really know what that is? This is a term that you often hear at parties by people who wear glasses with hip and beard frames that are well cared for. They always agree that Local SEO is very important. It is true.

But what exactly is that? Some believe that means search optimization is done by someone with the same zip code as you. This is the real definition in simple terms. You can browse to know more about SEO services.

Local SEO is search engine optimization that:

– Targeted appearing for unique phrases in your industry that also contain keywords for certain locales (such as Tallahassee; Iowa; Cape Hatteras)

and / or

– It is targeted to display your site list to searchers from certain areas

Local SEO Means Local Geography

Let's look at the first qualification. Say you are a stereo repairman (or stereo repair) in Philadelphia. You really only need to reach prospects inside or outside the city.

After all, people outside a certain radius will not use your repair service. Who will travel from Orlando just to ask you to repair their Panasonic? Not me. So what do you need to do to reach your true prospects and customers? Easy.

You simply target your related password phrases – stereo repairs, blown speakers, etc. – but added to the word 'Philadelphia'.

You might also want to go beyond targeting to include the names of important neighborhoods and districts there. Searchers can be very specific about where they want to find a stereo workshop. Or at least find one that serves their specific environment.

Remember, your customers think the same way you do about the local market. They want to find someone nearby who sells what they need, so they will add geographical terms to find someone like you.