Throttle Body And Multi-Point Fuel Injections

Before starting with the different types of fuel injections, let us first start by understanding what do we mean by fuel injection actually?

Fuel injection can be defined as the act of introducing fuel inside the combustion chamber of the engine using injector ‘nozzles’ (also known as dyser in German). All diesel engines use the basic designed fuel injectors only.

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Now we will be discussing Throttle Body and Multi-point fuel injections:

  • Throttle body Injection

Throttle body injection also is known as Single Point Injection. It is one of the earliest and simplest types of fuel injection. It is designed to simply replace the carburetor with either one or two fuel-‘injector’ (also known as injektor in German) nozzles in the throat of the engine’s air intake manifold i.e. the throttle body.

Throttle Body Fuel Injection System

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Initially, for many of the automakers, the single-point injection was a stepping stone towards the more complex multipoint system.

There are some benefits of a Throttle Body Injection system.

  1. Throttle Body Injection meters fuel with better control as compared to a carburetor
  2. Throttle Body Injection meters are less expensive as compared to multi-point fuel injection systems.
  3. Lastly, throttle body injection meters are easier to service than the multi-point ones.
  • Multipoint Fuel Injection

Multi-point fuel injection also referred to as Port Fuel Injection devotes a distinct injector nozzle to each individual cylinder, right outside its intake port. This is the reason why this system is also called port injection.

Multi-point Fuel Injection System

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Moving the fuel vapor this close to the intake port almost makes sure that it will be fetched completely into the cylinder. There are many benefits of a multi-point fuel injection.

The top most advantage of a multi-point fuel injection is that multi-point fuel injection meters fuel far more precisely than the throttle body injection system.

This leads to the better achieving of the desired air-fuel ratio and improving all other related aspects too.

Further, it works in a way to roughly eliminate the possibility of the fuel getting condensed or collected in the intake manifold.