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Types, Features, and Uses Of A Portable Charger

A portable charger is an external battery backup that comes in a sealed case which stores electrical energy. The portable charger has at least three to five ports with a USB cable to connect it to these ports.

Nowadays, these portable power banks have become very popular among smartphone users. This is because they are portable and easy to carry, and also you can charge it without having to look for a wall outlet.

You can check the various kind of portable chargers at You will find battery dongles which provide rapid charging to your smartphone and other electronic gadgets. Moreover, there are also higher charging portable battery chargers for iPhone 5/S, 6/S, 6+/S, iPad 3, and for old models also.

Following are three types of portable chargers:

  • Solar Charged Power Bank. The solar charged power banks have a photovoltaic panel which gets its internal battery charge when it is placed under the sun. They are slow as they get the energy as per the sun tracking positions. So, don’t carry these chargers at the time of traveling, as solar charging is not fast.

  • Universal Power Bank: This type usually comes in many sizes and configurations. These configurations can be adjusted according to your device’s requirements and your budget as well.
  • Old Style Power Bank: The old styled power banks are handy but they are not compatible with the majority of devices. The reason is they are not embedded with latest universal serial bus ports.

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There are many of factors to consider while choosing the right power bank, the main feature you must check in a portable charger is its capacity.