How to Choose a Good Cigar Humidor?

This is the question cigar owners ask quite often. Choosing a right cigar humidor is a tough ask. You cannot afford to pick the wrong cigar humidor.

This is because if you cigar humidor is not working properly or incapable of providing necessary moisture and temperature, it will be of no use.
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Therefore, to keep your cigars fresh and ready to use condition, you have to store cigars in high quality humidors.

Choosing a right cigar humidor requires checking the few things. Let’s have a look at the few suggestions to help you to choose a good cigar humidor box.

Check the seal

This is the first thing you need to check. To do so you need to raise the lid of the cigar humidor and let it drop. If it makes the ‘whoosh’ sound when it closes then your humidor box is air-tight. However, no humidor box is perfectly air-tight, wood gets to expand and contract a little bit with temperature. But if your humidor has passed this test, it will work great for you.

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Type of wood  

If you want to keep your cigars absolute fresh and keep them away from the beatles, choose the humidor box made of Spanish cedar wood. Humidors made of the Spanish cedar are of the best quality. However, you can also purchase the box made of the mahogany wood.

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Size of the humidor

Choosing the right size of the cigar humidor is very important. It entirely depends on the number of cigars you need to store. You can find the cigar humidors as large as the size of the room and as small as the size of the pocket.   

These are the few tips to choose the good cigar humidor. You can also browse this website to know more about how to choose cigar humidor.