Pool Filters

Pool Filters Red Baron Pool Supplies range of swimming pool filters including sand filters, cartridge filters, and centrifugal pre-filter filters.

Sand filters are the most common choice for swimming pool filtration. They filter down to 10 micron. Sand filters can be filled with sand, zeolite or glass. We recommend glass filter media as giving an improvement to water clarity and being longer lasting than sand.

Cartridge filters have finer levels of filtration, down to 5 microns in size. They use very little water to clean as opposed to sand filters which use a lot. However they need to be cleaned more frequently and cartridges replaced every 18 months.

Centrifugal pool filters are an excellent pre-filter to your main pool filter, reducing the frequency of needing to clean your main filter and extending its life. These pool filters are easily cleaned in just a few litres of water.