An Overview Of Stainless Steel Sheets

Nowadays stainless steel sheet is used for a wide range of purposes. Make sure that you look at the aspect like the thickness of the product before selecting it.  The size of the stainless steels ranges from 7/10 mm to 5 mm. You can buy a particular stainless steel sheet by providing individual or company’s size specification. While purchasing a stainless steel sheet make sure that the sheet is properly finished or polished. Industrial products are usually cold rolled, heat treated and pickled. You can have a look at to know about stainless steel sheets.

When finishing of stainless steels is done processes like satin polish, bright annealed, dull buffed and bright polished are performed. Stainless steel is available in different forms like Austenitic. This form of stainless steel is resistant toward corrosion. You can even transform it into different shapes, grades and sizes. Through cold working austenitic steel become much stronger.


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In all construction and manufacturing projects, the use of stainless steel sheets is important.  There are few reasons behind this which are high tensile strength, better durability, and great finish. It is an alternative to traditional steel as it requires low maintenance.

Most of the buyers keep three factors in mind while purchasing a stainless steel sheet. The factors are:

  •    Grade
  •    Size
  •    Finish

The commonly available stainless steel grades are 304, 316, and 410.  Such stainless steel has good corrosion resistance. They have good core quality and durability.  Stainless steel grade 303 is not found in sheet form.


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The thickness of stainless steel is in between 0.4mm and 2.5mm. If a customer has a requirement of any proportion less than this, that means he is referring to a foil. You can check this out in order to get more information regarding stainless steel.

Finishing of stainless steel is done in such a way that sheet is firstly rolled in the desired size and it is passed through highly polished rollers.