Check License and Insurance When Hiring A Roofing Contractor Seattle

When hiring a professional Seattle roofing company, it is vital to check whether they are licensed or not. Roofing job work can be risky so if you have someone who is unqualified to do the job they can cause more harm than good.

Also, if they get injured during job and are not licensed you might be accountable for their medical bills. In many regions of United States, there is a law that states a roofer can only do work if they are licensed.

However, the licensing procedure can be different for every state so it is important you should know the requirements to get a license in your state. Licensed roofing companies Seattle ensure their customers that they have field experience of the techniques to fix or replace roof, and can give them a professional looking roof.

When hiring roofing contractors Seattle, it is recommended to see their portfolio of the roofing job they have done. You can also even find a list of references and a few of addresses where you can see their previous work.

In addition to being licensed, the roofing company you are thinking of hiring should be insured and bonded. If a roofing contractor is bonded, it means that they have enough funds to pay for any injuries they may cause to your roof, shoddy performance.

Being insured means if the roofing contractor or one of their employees gets injured on the job you will not be liable for any of any medical bill.

The roofing contractors should be responsible for these medical bills and all other compensation that is owed to them. Read more here what you need to check before hiring a roofing contractor.

Last but not the least, a good roofing contractor will give you his customers a written estimate showing the expected cost of the work.  A good contractor will also be able to complete roofing job to your satisfaction before claiming payment.