What Are The Places That You Can Visit In Your Israel Trip?

Traveling is an experience that one cherishes throughout life. One gets to see new places during travel. Travelling bring in your life joy of happiness. Israel is the most appropriate place to visit throughout the world. Each year lots of tourists visit this place to see the historic and natural beauty of the place.

One can rely on a travel agency in Israel while planning their trip.  Guided tour to Israel plans everything during Israel visit. Israel is also named as holy land. In Israel, there are lots of tourist attractions. You can visit the cities listed below during the Israel tour.


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  •    Nazareth
  •    Jerusalem
  •    Bethlehem
  •    Jericho

The tourist places in Israel are:

  •    Masada
  •    The Mt. Of Olives
  •    Bahai’s gardens in Haifa
  •    Tel Aviv Jaffa
  •    Red Sea Riviera situated on the famous Gulf of Eilat
  •    Mount Hermon
  •    The Judean Desert

The holy destinations in Israel are:

  •    The Western Wall and the Temple Mount of Jerusalem
  •    The Garden Tomb
  •    The Church of the Holy Sepulcher
  •    Bethlehem, which is the Church of the Nativity
  •    The Shepherd’s field
  •    The tourist places of Israel


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There are different Israel family tours available for the people visiting there.  If you make a planned trip to Israel by taking help of travel agents then you will find that things will become more meaningful. Listed below are Israel tours available during your visit to the place are:

Professional Israel tours

  •    Israel study tours
  •    Jewish tours to Israel
  •    Bible study tours of Israel
  •    Desert tours to Israel
  •    Israel tours of different schools and colleges of the place

The packages offered by this travel company are different depending on your choice. Israel places have religious significance associated with it. You are also interested in knowing history then you can plan things accordingly and visit Masada or the Dead Sea tours.