How To Enjoy Holidays In Mauritius ?

Mauritius is a beautiful place and many tourists come to explore this beautiful place from different countries of the world.

There are many facilities available for tourists, such as big hotels which provides services like spa, stylish rooms. Nowadays, peoples are interested in exploring wildlife in Mauritius. One of them is the Mauritius Botanical Garden, which is also Called Pamplemousses Botanical Garden and Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden. If you want to get more additional info about diving in Mauritius then you can browse https://www.raphaelfishing.com/en/diving-trip.html.

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It's found close to the town of Port Louis and is home to some remarkable plants such as giant water fountains, sugar canes, spices, and distinct types of palms from several of those American, African, and Asian nations. This plant also includes trees which were rooted by members of royal families and world leaders, including Indira Gandhi, Robert Mugabe, and Princess Margaret.

Your cheap holidays to Mauritius will also let you investigate the Black River Gorges, National Park. It covers a huge area of over 67 square feet and has been hailed as a national park in the calendar year 1994. The majority of the rest of the volcano of this island nation is shielded via this park. It is home to Mauritian flying fox, Mauritius kestrel, Mauritius parakeet, and several other freshwater species.


2019 Travel Guide for Kalanggaman Island Adventure


Kalanggaman Island is a beautiful beach destination located in the municipality of Palompon in the province of Leyte, Philippines. The island of Kalanggaman is famous for its crystal-clear water, white powdery sand and long sandbars stretching on both sides of the island. The surrounding of the beach is really calm, safe and truly relaxing that’s why its suitable for family holidays or for a short weekend trip. 

The island has a length of only 753m and is still uninhabited. There are no big resorts on the island but there’s Jeter Resort that offers Tipi Huts. Overnight camping via tent is also allowed on the island. To preserve the beauty of the place, the local tourism office only allows a maximum of 500 tourists per day. To provide comfort and security to the tourists, the local government built basic facilities and made the island secured by Tourist Police who are stationed on the island. 

Best Time to Visit 

The best time to visit the island is during the summer season from February to May but you can still visit the island from October to June. Avoid the rainy and typhoon season which is from the months of July to September. If you hate a crowded beach, avoid visiting the island during summer, national holidays, holy week and long weekends. 

Note: Once you arrived in Palompon, it is mandatory for tourists to register first at Palompon Ecotours Office. The office is located in front of Liberty Park near the Municipal Hall of Palompon. 

Palompon Eco-tourism Office 

Contact Person: Arthur Douglas Arroyo/Daryle Roylo 

  • Landline: (053) 555 9731 
  • Mobile (Globe): +63 926 8164005 
  • Mobile (Globe): +63 926 8164007 
  • Mobile (Smart): +63 998 5551421 

Kalanggaman Island Rates 

The Kalanggaman island rates listed below are up to date and if you were asked for much more, you should ask why the sudden increase of rates. Do not pay for a much more rate without asking for a valid reason for the increase.

Entrance & Conservation Fees 

Day Tour Rates 

  • International Tourist – P500 
  • Non-Palompon Tourist – P150 
  • Non-Palompon College Student – P40 
  • Non-Palompon High School Student – P30 
  • Non-Palompon Elementary Student – P20 
  • Non-Palompon Senior Citizen – P120 

Overnight Rates 

  • International Tourist – P750 
  • Non-Palompon Tourist – P225 
  • Non-Palompon College Student – P60 
  • Non-Palompon High School Student – P45 
  • Non-Palompon Elementary Student – P30 
  • Non-Palompon Senior Citizen – P180 

Boat Rental 

  • Capacity of 15 people – P3,000 
  • Capacity of 25 people – P3,500 
  • Capacity of 30 people – P4,000 

Cottage Rentals 

  • Small (15 people) – P250 
  • Medium (25 people) – P500 
  • Large (30 people) – P750 

Tent Rentals 

  • 2-person tent – P200/night (P100 down payment + valid ID) 
  • 4-person tent – P300/night (P200 down payment + valid ID) 

Best Tips to Follow While Staying in a Hostel


Staying in hostel isn’t really a scary experience. Just because someone shares a horrible experience they had during their stay in a hostel doesn’t mean the same applies to you. In fact, hostels have gained more and more popularity than 5-star hotels. Follow these tips and you are surely going to have a great experience during your stay in hostel.

  • Research and Do Your Homework – One of the first things you should do before arriving to a hostel is to do some research. There are online forums that provide reviews of travelers who have stayed in a particular hostel. Read about them first. Next is to contact the hostel over the phone to check about the facilities and room availability. You will be glad to know that modern hostels in fact have so many wonderful facilities such as free WIFI, clean kitchens, reading lights near the bed and so on.
  • Choosing your Room Carefully – There are different room sizes along with the number of beds. For solo travelers, you may end up sharing the room with unknown travelers. As for people traveling in groups, then you must look for larger rooms. Group travelers have another advantage and that is it allows you to save money when a larger room is booked.
  • Try Choosing the Bottom Bunk –The bottom bunk is lot more convenient over the upper bunk. It is easier to move around the room when compared to upper bunk.
  • Bring those Earplugs – Hostels tend to organize parties and other events which can become noisy. For a peaceful experience, try to bring your earplugs if you wish to stay on the bed.

Thailand beach hostels are very popular in the world


Tips For Hiring A Catamaran Charter In Croatia For A Perfect Vacation

While planning for a Croatia sailing trip, you'll need to choose a sailing yacht from various new yachts for charter in Croatia.

Choosing a new yacht for your trip is important for several reasons because the status of the yacht will affect the quality of the experience of your sailing trip. Especially if you're planning a romantic sailing excursion for two, then selecting the latest model is the best choice.

If you are interested in reading more about Catamaran charter in Croatia then you can check out https://www.croatia-sailing-charter.com/catamaran-charter-croatia.

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A new and latest version of the sailing yacht provides better comfort and luxury as compared to the old models. The latest version of the yacht will be easy to control and handles as all of the systems will be new and there will be no problems.

In place of choosing a plane or any vehicle as to the way of transportation for your next vacation, choose luxury on a lovely and peaceful yacht for your relaxation.

You can find out the best sailing destination with Croatia yacht charters and have an enjoyable traveling experience at beautiful places. There are many visiting places in the Adriatic Sea. The team of professional experts will help you to find out the best destinations at reasonable prices. You can make a memorable trip and unforgettable memories of beautiful moments.