Air Compressors And Its Different Types

Air compressors are some of the most common used tools. Air compressors come in different models that are intended for their particular uses. Knowing what types of compressors work best for a given situation can make a difference in productivity, costs, and safety.

Air compressors fall into three basic categories: rotary screw models continuous-run models, and piston drive models. Each model of compressor plays a unique role in the industry and homes.

These three main types of compressors dominate the market, and while each has features and accessories that can expand or restrict its applications. These models encompass the majority of applications for home, business and industrial uses requiring air compression. Let us now have a look at these categories.

Rotary screw compressor

The rotary screw compressor is mostly found in full-scale industrial applications, such as manufacturing and assembly plants. A rotary screw compressor is very similar to a piston-driven compressor, but instead of using a cylinder and piston, this model uses large screws to compress and force air up into a storage tank. These types of compressors also come in single or dual-stage varieties, allowing for much higher pressure outputs than most other types.

Continuous-Run Compressor

The continuously-running compressors often referred to as compact compressors, supply compressed air as it is needed by continuous operation of the compression device. These types of compressors are basically shrinking air hoses, using forced air through reducing sizes of hoses, which increases the pressure of the air before it emerges. These are often used to inflate tires, air mattresses and other items with minor inflation requirements.

Piston-Driven Compressor

A piston-driven compressor is quite different from a compact compressor, not only in the way it compresses the air but also in the fact that it possesses the ability to store it. This provides a steady supply of compressed air, without running the compressor non-stop.

Piston compressors are some of the most common types encountered in automotive shops, residential garages and a host of workshops. They are available in single or two-stage variations. You can visit here to know how these air compressors work.