Advantages Of Growing Marijuana From Clones

If you have previously grown marijuana plants, you are probably familiar with the process. But if you are a beginner you should first educate yourself about the methods of getting a successful marijuana plantation.

There are basically two main ways to grow marijuana first is seeding and another is cloning. Which means you can either grow marijuana from seeds or from its cutting often called marijuana clones.

Both the methods are useful for getting healthier marijuana strains as many people go for marijuana clones for better plantation. While most beginner growers will use cannabis seeds to get started.

If you are too interested in growing your marijuana from clones, then you can easily buy cannabis clones online or from your local marijuana dispensaries. Growing marijuana from clones has some great advantages,  which we’ll explore in more detail below.

Cloning Is Cheaper

As marijuana is legal now, getting affordable marijuana strain is no more difficult these days. You can easily find marijuana clones for sale or farmer’s market. This is another advantage of using cuttings.

One thing that makes cloning the best way of growing marijuana is that is drives down costs. Whether you buy clones or seeds just make sure to buy them from a reputable breeder/seed bank to ensure you’re getting proper genetics.

Cloning Is Faster

Using marijuana clones is much faster than using seeds because it lets you skip the germination stage. The germination process is quite lengthy and time-consuming. 

And when you work with seeds, you will need it to germinate and sprout, allowing it to break out of its shell until it eventually grows roots and leaves. Therefore using marijuana cutting would be a smart choice of getting faster results.

In fact, you will have more chances of getting healthier marijuana if the method is used correctly. All you need to give your clones some time to develop roots.

Rest of the information can be found here in this link concerning marijuana clones, quality, cost and many other things that will help you getting successful marijuana plantation.